We are a Bioclimatic project! We incorporate advanced
ecoTechnologies to take advantage of the natural resources
that our land offers.
Optimal solar control: we maximize heat transfers, and minimize heat loss from interior spaces.


Use of direct solar gain system: this allows us to offer thermal comfort in rooms, thanks to a hermetic sealing system of doors and windows that prevent the infiltration of low-temperature air currents, and thus achieve thermal comfort conditions.


Natural light: the hotel is based on a bioclimatic project where it was given importance on the size and position of windows in every place, this to reduce the use of artificial light in common spaces and rooms.


Photothermic solar systems: this system allows us to heat water and reduce the consumption of LP gas.


Photovoltaic solar system: we proudly have an interconnection system of electricity generation that allows us to take advantage of daily solar energy.


Electric lighting based on LED light: to reduce energy consumption and maximize the durability of our luminaries.


Motion sensors: lighting control that increases energy savings.


In the rooms you can find two ventilation systems:


Natural ventilation: tilt-and-turn operable windows, allowing natural air flow into the room.


Artificial ventilation: by means of air conditioning based on ice water recirculation.

The entire building has a water purification and softening system, which makes it perfect for human consumption.


Water purification and softening system: we proudly own an activated carbon and salt water treatment, specifically made for human water consumption. We use polyester cartridges are used for better water filtration and for the maximization of dirt holding capacity; they are resistant to bacteria and chemical substances.


Control mechanisms are implemented for special waste handling and therefore we contribute to the improvement of our environment.


We recycle:







We donate all of these against cancer. We sponsor AMANC (Mexican Association for Help with Children with Cancer).


Vegetable oil: we have an agreement for the collection and treatment of vegetable oil waste with the Conciencia Ecológica company.

We support the local economy: we help to strengthen local producers and businesses. We are a source of employment for the local community.


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