Atotonilco el Grande, Hidalgo - Pachuca, Hidalgo

Walk through the main square of Pachuca to learn more about the history of the city and observe the Monumental Clock tower. Plaza Independencia is the main element of the historic center of Pachuca, which is why it is frequently referred to as "El Centro". See the iconic clock tower, visit the underground cultural center and learn about the history of this former mining and commercial center by observing the colorful buildings that surround the square. Get to know the "Cristo Rey" from where you can contemplate one of the most beautiful views of Pachuca and its surroundings. This magnificent work is 33 meters high, which symbolizes the age of Christ and the result of a story of faith. Its construction was carried out at the initiative of a group of former miners who worked in the Paricutín mine. Visit the temple and former convent of San Agustín, in Atotonilco el Grande , which is considered the first Augustinian construction in the State of Hidalgo. Its foundation dates back to 1536, but the construction by order of Fray Juan de Sevilla was carried out between 1542 and 1562.

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