Zempoala, Hidalgo

We invite you to enjoy a calm, relaxed and unhurried pace. Get to know the most important hydraulic work after the Spanish conquest, named an UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2015. It was planned to bring water to the indigenous people of Otumba, Zacuala and Zempoala. Today, this aqueduct still provides water, it is 44 kilometers long and runs from the slopes of the Tecajete volcano to Otumba. Its construction, planned and directed by Fray Francisco de Tembleque between 1545 and 1562, were carried out in several phases. 44 towns participated in it, whose seal was printed with stamps carved at the end of each construction phase. Enjoy this exclusive and interesting visit full of culture, art, engineering and history. You will visit La Picota or Rollo de Zempoala and the abandoned canyon during the Independence War. If this is not enough, you will also visit Casa Grande, another beautiful farm located in Zempoala made up of large spaces full of history between its architecture and green areas. This amazing place will take you back to the revolutionary past: it has 2 gardens, 2 lounges, 2 outdoor patios, an equipped kitchen, and a chapel. Built in 1860, with an area of 17,000 squared meters, it was built on land expropriated from the clergy according to the Reform Laws.

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